Welcome to Gilman Village, an Issaquah, WA, landmark for almost half a century. Gilman Village is a mixed use center featuring shops, restaurants, personal services, even a preschool, all residing in houses, buildings and other structures preserved from Issaquah's historic past.

Shops include home decor and accessories, kitchen, lifestyle, fashion, jewelry, and gifts. Restaurants run the gamut from down-home American to world cuisine and from casual to fine dining. There's even a coffee shop. Personal services range from health professionals like a wellness center and breast thermography to medical massage and chiropractic, from yoga and pilates to personal care, including a spa and a hair salon.

To find a particular shop, restaurant or business, you can search our web site by business name or category, or use the Gilman Village map. Come enjoy Gilman Village, an Issaquah neighborhood unlike any other.

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Gilman Village • info@gilmanvillage.com • Phone: 425-392-6802
317 N.W. Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA 98027