This 1909 house was the first brought in to start Gilman Village. Built by Alfred Morris and Jack Trigg, it has been moved twice. The home first stood where a dairy plant now stands in downtown Issaquah. It was moved in 1932 by owner Louis Krall to allow for the expansion of a creamery building to include a feed co-operative.

Commercial development of the area encroached on the Trigg House one more time in 1972 when a supermarket chain purchased the land. Betty Konarski, who had turned the house into a collectible crafts store, moved the house to its present location along with the smoke house built by Mr. Krall.

In 1974 the roof of the house was raised to provide a full second floor for business space.

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Village Green Yoga
Anusara-inspired yoga, earth-friendly clothing.
(425) 657-0411
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